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My fellow citizens,

   My name is Mark Potts and I am a candidate for Mayor of Jefferson City.  I would like your vote and support for this important office.  I have served on city council previously and presently hold the office of Mayor.  I also serve on the Jefferson City Planning Commission.   During my years of service as a member of city council, I worked diligently to keep our city fiscally responsible, using funding provided by the residents of Jefferson City in a practical manner.  At the same time, I supported the opportunity for progress in our city as the need for capital expenditures was faced by the committed employees of our city, including police, fire, and public works.  I am a proponent for the organized growth of Jefferson City and believe it necessary in order to increase our revenue and help to keep taxes as low as we possibly can.

   I am on the steering committee for Building a Better Future for Jefferson County and my involvement with this project has helped me understand the needs of our city and county, so that I am better informed as to the future challenges we face. The one aspect I have learned to follow since I have been involved with local government is we must work together in order to accomplish what is best for all citizens.  Cooperation is the key for the success of Jefferson City.  I commit to you a spirit of cooperation to be maintained by myself as the next mayor of Jefferson City. I am a graduate of Leadership Jefferson County Class of 2009 and a graduate of East Tennessee Regional Leadership 2010.  I had the great fortune to see other communities in action and learn how our neighbors around achieve their economic development.  I am committed to the goals established by Building A Better Future for Jefferson County.

   I am a firm believer that the benefits we receive as citizens of Jefferson City far outweigh the taxes we pay.  However, there is a lot of work yet to do in order to ensure our city continues to be a success in the future.  The city ( as well as you and I) has made adjustments due to the economic status of our country.   As Mayor, I will be committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of the citizens, while working hard to see that Jefferson City continues on its path to excellence.   I truly believe that Jefferson City is poised for the day when the economy improves, and I want to be your Mayor so that we are prepared when that day arrives.

   Public service has been my life.  I am currently employed by Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services as Deputy Director.  I have been a paramedic for Jefferson County for twelve years.  I have been in all parts of the city and possibly have taken care of some of you through the years.  My family is actively involved with public service, as well.  My wife is an EMT-IV and a Respiratory Therapist at St. Mary’s Jefferson Memorial Hospital, and my daughter is a Paramedic here in Jefferson County.  One son is a Jefferson City Firefighter/EMT and currently enrolled in paramedic school at Walters State Community College in Morristown.   My other son is also an EMT.  Both sons work for Jefferson County EMS, as well.   I am committed to Jefferson City and Jefferson County; this is home for me and my family.  I was born in White Pine and grew up in Swannsylvania, attending Swannsylvania Elementary School for eight years.  I attended Maury High School three years before graduating with the first class of Jefferson County High School in 1976.  I later attended Carson Newman College, graduating in 1985.  The only time I have not been home was to attend The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky to earn my Master’s Degree and Doctorate.

   I am running for the office of Mayor in order to bring positive leadership to our city.  I am experienced, informed, and committed to serving the people of Jefferson City.  During my four years as a member of city council, I made all my decisions based on one question: "What is best for our city?"  I promise to seriously listen to our citizens and to actively participate in finding solutions to our problems.  Together we can build a better future for Jefferson City.

I hope I can count on your support in the upcoming mayoral election.

Thank you,

Mark Potts

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